Cultured granite is a salt and pepper effect that replicates natural granite while offering cost effective options for your bath project without the high care and maintenance associated with natural stone. No sealing or high maintenance is required.

Much stronger than natural stone, cultured granite is a sanitary product that does not require sealing. Less seams due to the manufacturing process that incorporates integral bowls, back splashes, etc. resulting in no seams.

Choose from an array of colors from whites, to browns to gray and more. Add a vein color to the granite to get that WOW factor. Some granite colors may be custom blended using different color options. We match most competitor colors.

Cleaning and care is as simple as using any non abrasive cleaner such as foam bath cleaners, Mr Clean™, Pine Sol™, etc. No scrubbing required to remove stubborn stains. Apply automobile or boat wax to resist water spots.

A little TLC and your cultured granite will provide years of use.