Measuring Tips

Proper measurements for your vanity top should be taken when your cabinets are permanately installed so there is no variation in size. Be cautious of sizes taken from cabinet drawings as they may not always included your exact vanity top size for wall to wall tops or revisions after the drawings are made.


Best to take a measurement from left wall to right wall at back corner and also at the front corners of the cabinet. If more than ¼” out of square you may want to split the difference. If mostly square, you may want to deduct slightly for ease of installation. If you want a tight installation, you may always adjust the size of the top using a belt sander upon installation.


Measure from one corner of wall to end of cabinet adding 1: overhang on any open sides.


Measure length of cabinet adding 1” over hang for each open end.


Measure from back wall to front of cabinet and add 1” over hang to cabinet measurement.


Always measure from a fixed point (wall) if possible for accurate dimension. Measure from the wall to the center of the door for EACH bowl. If measuring from an open end, measure from the end of the cabinet and add for overhang. Front edge to back measurement is a set measurement depending on bowl style established by Tiffany Marble.


When a template is necessary due to angles, curves, extreamly out of square walls, etc, a template made of stiff cardboard may be required. We can supply you with cardboard. Cardboard should be wider and longer than cabinet. Place cardboard on top of cabinet, cutting where needed. Pieces will be hot glued together to form an exact template of the vanity top.

On bottom side of template, trace around entire cabinet. Once removed from cabinet, add 1” overhang to cabinet outline and draw out the outer edges of your vanity top with the overhang included. This should be the exact replica of your vanity top. We will manufacturer to your template and will not add any dimensions to what you have provided so make sure your template is exactly as you want it.

On top side of template, show your bowl centers as described above. Using a box knife, cut out template using the line on the bottom side that includes any overhang. Make note on topside of template any walls, open ends, bowl centers, special notes, etc. Remember, we will not alter your template so it must be supplied to us exactly as you want your top to be.  All notes should be made on topside of template.


If using a new faucet, the box will tell you what faucet drill is required. Standard is either a single hole for single lever faucets or 4” for a faucet that has a spout and two handles as one piece.

Wide spread is used for 2 separate handles and spout, generally anything from 8” to 16”, 8” being most common for wide spread. These measurements are from center of left handle to center of right handle, center to center measurements.

The diameter of the hole is a standard 1 3/8”, which covers 99.99% of all faucets and is a standard set back from edge of bowl as determined by Tiffany Marble.


Single Hole Faucet

Standard 4" Faucet Drill

Standard 4″ Faucet Drill


Wide Spread Faucet – usually 6″ – 10″ center holes.